Monday, April 29, 2013

Crazy, Fun Mission Life Continues!

Hello! Just a brief message today because we are pretty busy with mission awesomeness! Today we have Ai Chan`s baptism planned, and it should be a ton of fun! We also have two shokujikais, or potluck style meals, at the church with members too so we`ll be running over to one of those in a few minutes.

We got another crazy surprise this week though when I got a call from President Evans on Tuesday... apparently in connection with the rapidly growing number of girls on missions they have created a new responsibility for sister missionaries, and I and Sister Kise, a super cute always happy missionary from Okinawa, are going to be the first ones to try it out in Sapporo!

Since no one has done it yet before we`re still figuring it out, but it is called a Sister Training Leader, and our main responsibility will be pretty much what the title says -- training other sisters. We`ll be conducting a training meeting to help all of the other sisters become trainers soon. And then our other main responsibility is that we have to go on 24-hour exchanges with all of the companionships in the area -- so we will be going on splits twice a week next transfer! We`ll hardly ever be in our own apartments, but it will be a ton of fun because we will be able to work with everyone and see all of the areas that sisters are in in Hokkaido! I do love myself a little travel... I`ll probably like die on the plane home though.

The other thing is that the two sister training leaders are supposed to be companions, so I will be transfering to Odori (the area in the center of Sapporo) next transfer to be companions with Sister Kise, who is actually extending her mission another transfer to do this. She was originally supposed to be going home at the end of next week! There are just all sorts of crazy stuff going on with so many new sisters coming into the field. I don`t know that I am qualified to help train them all, but I will do my best! It is a little sad though that I`ll have to part with Lundstrom Shimai; it has been a ton of fun being with another American! One of the other sisters will finish up her training though.

And I have to go!!

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