Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week of Thanks

My sister’s schedule this semester allowed her to be home for over a week for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful to have her here. We spent a lot of glorious time just chilling at home on the couch, but we did a good amount of shopping too! Plus some munching at St. Cupcake.


Some things I’m grateful for? Family and Portland, of course!

*Christmas song of the day = The Christmas Waltz, performed by She & Him.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Confession in Print

Windows Photo Viewer Wallpaper

There are some days where I really, really, really miss working at a newspaper.

This is one of those days.

Actually, this past week has been full of those days. I guess it should be expected that I would have withdrawals. I majored in journalism for a reason, after all. And I spent almost everyday of two and a half years of my college education in The Daily Universe newsroom working with awesome newspaper people, who are some of my favorite people in the world btw.

I just miss it. So much. Journalism, I will return to you soon! Just give me, oh, let’s say 18 months.

(The photo above is of the DU’s staff the last semester I worked there)
*Song = All My Loving by the Beatles, Across the Universe style.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Annie Finally Meets Powell’s

Basically ever since Annie and I became friends I have wanted her to come to Portland really, really bad. We just love so many of the same things, and I love Portland so ridiculously much that I wanted to share it with her too!

And the place I wanted to share with her most of all?? Powell’s of course! I mean, it’s a whole city block of books, and we both have a major book obsession. Plus, it’s just magic. By definition. When she was here we finally got to go together, and we spent literally the entire day in there. We arrived first thing in the morning, went home after dark, and only left in the middle for a food cart lunch and a little wandering.

Here’s what it looked like:


We went through every single book in the children’s section, because we basically are still kids...


And found some real gems!


We visited adulty places too, but I won’t promise our tastes became much more mature.


Portland food carts guarantee happiness. (Also note children’s book in bag)


We brought the deliciousness to Pioneer Square, where I also scouted the distance to Sapporo… Have I mentioned recently that I’m stoked to go there?


And Annie finally got to make friends with the Umbrella Man!


We immersed ourselves the city.


And of course I had to take her to my favorite pizza joint, Old Town Pizza (it’s haunted, that’s why the pictures are dark)…


and Voodoo Donuts. (I guess we kind of had a spooky but delicious food theme?)


Then she left me, which wasn’t cool. It’s not like she needed to go back to work at a cool magazine or anything.

FYI, Annie’s account of this is way better than mine, so you should totally check it out! Go ahead, just click right here.

*song = Annie Waits by Ben Folds.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Annie and I Chase Waterfalls

Day two of Annie in Portland! (Annie’s version of day 2 here!)

After church we decided to take a nice Sunday drive, so I took her to the Gorge and Multnomah Falls. It got dark pretty early, but it was still beautiful! If you haven’t been to the Gorge, it is seriously one of the most gorgeous places in the world so you need to get yourself out there ASAP.


See? It was shadowy and cool when we got there. And it looks a million times better in person.


My camera is so high tech it was able to easily detect the most beautiful part of this picture.



Pirate eye patch sunspots. Or could it be this?



Just chillin’ with a view.


Sunset shadows.



The old scenic highway is always picture perfect.




By the time we made it to Multnomah Falls it was already pretty dark (the sun went down at 4:54 with the time change! Not cool.), but as the second tallest waterfall in the country it is always impressive. If you want to see more of it, it was in the latest episode of Grimm. (Which is all shot in Portland, making it automatically awesome, btw.)

When we got home we had a delicious dinner and then watched lots of TV. A successful day!

*song = Home by Parlor Hawk

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Have The Most Awesome Friends

Apparently I haven’t blogged in like 7 years. My bad… But I promise to make it up to you! Starting right now. I give you an entry featuring two of the best friends in the world – Melissa Alder and Annie Beer!

They both flew to Portland from far away, Provo for Melissa and Pennsylvania for Annie, just to be with me while I went through the temple. See? They’re awesome. Here are some pics from the Saturday. We went to the temple, and then celebrated with a dinner at the Newport Grille on the waterfront.







More of the rest of the weekend adventures with Annie will be up soon!

*song = Side 2 by Dressy Betsy


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