Thursday, March 31, 2011

It’s Coming…

Graduation is almost here.  It’s weird, I know.

But I got to have fun making announcements for my roomie Rebecca and myself. The colors are a little brighter in real life, but you get the idea!

Rebecca Grad Announcement

Natalie Grad Announcement

Also, there will be more pictures from this past weekend up soon, I just haven’t had time to edit them all yet!  Darn schoolwork.

Song = Sister in Love by Envelopes because it is a happy song and it was sunny outside today.  The end.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

When It’s Time To Let Go


I have to admit, usually for my blog I try to skirt around deeper topics and instead stick to the happy and fun, but today I felt like I should make an exception. Late last Saturday night, after a wonderful day full of friends and movies and music, I got an unexpected call from my dad – my Grandma Crofts had passed away.

Even though you know death is inevitable, you still never want it to happen. But I knew then that her passing was for the best, and I still do. Sure, I miss her quite a bit, but any of the reasons for me to be sad are purely selfish. My Grandma is in a better place, where she is without pain and reunited my Grandpa Crofts, who she missed and actually passed away four years ago on the same exact day. And one of the most beautiful things is that I know I can see her, and all of my other grandparents, again someday.

Today I had the opportunity to attend her funeral in Orderville, Utah with my family, and I can honestly say every part of it was beautiful, even though parts of it were tough. I loved learning more about her life, and I got to see and meet a lot of family members. I love my Grandma Crofts, and I’m extremely thankful for her example and all of the wonderful memories I have of her, and especially for being able to see her more often in recent years since I’ve been closer at BYU. I miss her, but even more than that I am glad I know she is someplace better.

Song = God Be With You Till We Meet Again

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthday Post!

Hey look, I’m posting about my birthday in a timely manner! I think that’s a first. It’s just going to be pictures though, since I’m lazy. It was an excellent 22nd birthday.

First, after class, I went to lunch with my lovely Sam to Tucanos! I forgot to get a pic there (my bad), so here’s a pic of us later:


Then, I went to work, where I celebrated my third birthday at The Daily Universe. Which is always magical. And included a banana birthday cake made by the ever wonderful Kaye!


After work and another class the fabulous Andrea took me out to Costa Vida for some more tasty food and happy chatter:


And then there was a little get together at my place with lovely friends (the rest of the pics will be on facebook, don’t you fret):






There were also lots of delicious cupcakes involved:



Song = Make Me Smile by Chicago

Buds of Hope


On my walk home I noticed that the trees had lovely green offshoots and I got really excited.

That is all.

Song stuck in my head = 5 years time by Noah and the Whale. It’s Spencer and Carly’s fault.

Monday, March 14, 2011



I absolutely detest math. Because of this, you may be surprised to hear that I observe pi day. And that I even look forward to it with great anticipation. This has a simple explanation.

You see, sophomore year I had the great privilege of living with Christy “The Pie” Witt. She happens to be a pie making extraordinaire. So imagine my surprise when March 14th rolled along and she began to make decadent pies of every variety. Once pi became associated with pie, needless to say I became a huge fan.

Today was the first 3.14 I commemorated with a pie I made made myself for our wonderful pi day celebration at the Daily Universe… we celebrate every random holiday (bread day anyone?), and this was no exception! My lunch today consisted purely of lots of different kinds of pie. I made banana cream. Christy would be proud!

*song = Muse’s Time is Running Out. Has anyone else noticed there’s only five weeks left of school? I just did.

So… the picture up top might actually have been the banana cream pie I made for our ward Halloween party. But I’m wearing my favorite hat in this picture. And it’s the same pie I made for today. So it counts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Senior Game

One of my absolute favorite things at BYU has been going to basketball games, and quite tragically yesterday was our last home game of our magical season that currently has us ranked No. 3 in the nation.  When I was choosing which college to go to, going to the basketball games with my dad was actually an important part of the selection process (we saw BYU play Utah, which was fantastic).  Naturally since yesterday was the last game of the season we recognized our beyond amazing seniors, Jimmer Fredette, Jackson Emery and Logan Magnusson. But this time it wasn’t just the senior games for our players, it was my senior game as well (although no one seemed to celebrate me.  Strange…)

However, if the season did have to come to an end it ended perfectly.  We won (102-78), and there was confetti for winning the Mountain West Championship and all sorts of magic.  Plus, the student section did this with all 5,000 students:

(I’m in the lower-middle right, not that you can tell who is who)





















I miss these games in the Marriott Center already!  At least we’ve still got the conference tournament and March Madness.


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