Thursday, March 31, 2011

It’s Coming…

Graduation is almost here.  It’s weird, I know.

But I got to have fun making announcements for my roomie Rebecca and myself. The colors are a little brighter in real life, but you get the idea!

Rebecca Grad Announcement

Natalie Grad Announcement

Also, there will be more pictures from this past weekend up soon, I just haven’t had time to edit them all yet!  Darn schoolwork.

Song = Sister in Love by Envelopes because it is a happy song and it was sunny outside today.  The end.


  1. LOVE Natalie, great job!! You are so TALENTED. Can't believe you are graduating!

  2. oh, you are so designing my graduation announcements...assuming at some point in time i graduate.

  3. Yeah. I heart those. Please teach me your ways of design?....



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