Sunday, March 27, 2011

When It’s Time To Let Go


I have to admit, usually for my blog I try to skirt around deeper topics and instead stick to the happy and fun, but today I felt like I should make an exception. Late last Saturday night, after a wonderful day full of friends and movies and music, I got an unexpected call from my dad – my Grandma Crofts had passed away.

Even though you know death is inevitable, you still never want it to happen. But I knew then that her passing was for the best, and I still do. Sure, I miss her quite a bit, but any of the reasons for me to be sad are purely selfish. My Grandma is in a better place, where she is without pain and reunited my Grandpa Crofts, who she missed and actually passed away four years ago on the same exact day. And one of the most beautiful things is that I know I can see her, and all of my other grandparents, again someday.

Today I had the opportunity to attend her funeral in Orderville, Utah with my family, and I can honestly say every part of it was beautiful, even though parts of it were tough. I loved learning more about her life, and I got to see and meet a lot of family members. I love my Grandma Crofts, and I’m extremely thankful for her example and all of the wonderful memories I have of her, and especially for being able to see her more often in recent years since I’ve been closer at BYU. I miss her, but even more than that I am glad I know she is someplace better.

Song = God Be With You Till We Meet Again


  1. Thanks Natalie. Your thoughts and photo are beautiful.



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