Monday, March 14, 2011



I absolutely detest math. Because of this, you may be surprised to hear that I observe pi day. And that I even look forward to it with great anticipation. This has a simple explanation.

You see, sophomore year I had the great privilege of living with Christy “The Pie” Witt. She happens to be a pie making extraordinaire. So imagine my surprise when March 14th rolled along and she began to make decadent pies of every variety. Once pi became associated with pie, needless to say I became a huge fan.

Today was the first 3.14 I commemorated with a pie I made made myself for our wonderful pi day celebration at the Daily Universe… we celebrate every random holiday (bread day anyone?), and this was no exception! My lunch today consisted purely of lots of different kinds of pie. I made banana cream. Christy would be proud!

*song = Muse’s Time is Running Out. Has anyone else noticed there’s only five weeks left of school? I just did.

So… the picture up top might actually have been the banana cream pie I made for our ward Halloween party. But I’m wearing my favorite hat in this picture. And it’s the same pie I made for today. So it counts.

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  1. Ah, THAT'S what the pie was for! Hope you were able to find bananas, haha....



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