Friday, January 1, 2010


new years '10 I feel like with this past decade coming to an end a lot of people are reflecting on the past, which is good, but right now I'm mostly excited for what will happen in the next decade. There are infinite possibilities, and I for one can’t wait.

I can't help but feel that whatever happens this decade will have a huge influence on the tone and direction the rest of my life takes. Hopefully by the end of the decade I'll have found myself a boy to be with for the rest of eternity. Maybe I'll have gone on a mission, or to grad school, or both. I'll have graduated from school, had my first real job, and moved to some yet to be determined place. And just think of all the new movies I've yet to watch and books I'll get to read.

On another note, thanks to all of you for being such fantastic friends! This past decade wouldn't have been any fun without you. In fact, it would have been quite lonely and horrible. For a Glee moment to accompany this thought click here.

And on yet another note, here are all the pictures I can find (or rather my mom could find) of me and my sister with the umbrella man downtown. I mentioned before I’d try to do it, and in case anyone cared, here it is. We started out taking this picture every year at Christmas after we visited the Santa downtown, but now we take it just whenever we’re all downtown at the same time and near the statue.

01img161 1995


03img163 1998

04img164 1999

05img165 2000

06img166 2001

07img167 2002

08img168 2005

09P1090684 2006

10P1160001 2007

11P1240070 2009 Summer

12p1250103 2009 Winter


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