Saturday, January 16, 2010

Egg Press

eggpress valentines2

I’ve never been a huge greeting card person. I’ll walk down aisles of them in the store, read them and laugh, but I’ve never had much of a desire to buy them and just keep them on hand.

That changed when I was at home for Christmas in Portland. I was downtown with my Dad checking out the pop-up stores (this December since so many stores closed downtown because of the economy the city let local designers use open space in prime locations to sell their cool stuff) and we happened across one for Egg Press. I wandered in and fell in love.

I had to pretty much physically restrain myself from buying the Christmas cards that were on sale. Now I’m on their email list and just waiting for them to have a sample sale because I’m too cheap to buy them at full price. But in the meantime you can join me in admiring their work here.

They’re a Portland company that brings the art and home feel back into cards by using an old fashioned press to make them. For your enjoyment a picture of the press is below. The cards up top are from their new Valentines collection.

st-A-03 st-B-03

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