Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Annie Finally Meets Powell’s

Basically ever since Annie and I became friends I have wanted her to come to Portland really, really bad. We just love so many of the same things, and I love Portland so ridiculously much that I wanted to share it with her too!

And the place I wanted to share with her most of all?? Powell’s of course! I mean, it’s a whole city block of books, and we both have a major book obsession. Plus, it’s just magic. By definition. When she was here we finally got to go together, and we spent literally the entire day in there. We arrived first thing in the morning, went home after dark, and only left in the middle for a food cart lunch and a little wandering.

Here’s what it looked like:


We went through every single book in the children’s section, because we basically are still kids...


And found some real gems!


We visited adulty places too, but I won’t promise our tastes became much more mature.


Portland food carts guarantee happiness. (Also note children’s book in bag)


We brought the deliciousness to Pioneer Square, where I also scouted the distance to Sapporo… Have I mentioned recently that I’m stoked to go there?


And Annie finally got to make friends with the Umbrella Man!


We immersed ourselves the city.


And of course I had to take her to my favorite pizza joint, Old Town Pizza (it’s haunted, that’s why the pictures are dark)…


and Voodoo Donuts. (I guess we kind of had a spooky but delicious food theme?)


Then she left me, which wasn’t cool. It’s not like she needed to go back to work at a cool magazine or anything.

FYI, Annie’s account of this is way better than mine, so you should totally check it out! Go ahead, just click right here.

*song = Annie Waits by Ben Folds.

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  1. Bahaha. Lies. Your version of the story is so much better. Like always. :)

    Plus your pictures are more awesome. Which automatically makes you superior.



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