Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Four Minute Email!

Hello family and friends!

I have now three minutes to write. Just know that we`re still having lots of fun here, and things are going great! Just wishing it would stop snowing for good though... the streets are clear now though, which is a wonderful thing. And I have seen a couple fo crocuses coming up! This week we also had stake conference, which was a lot of fun and the mission president and his wife both came up to speak. 

The Asahikawa stake covers a lot of ground, so some of the wards that were furthest away all rented a bus and rode on it for a couple of hours to make it up here for the 10 am session! It really made me feel like I needed to appreciate having a stake center over my fence some more...

Next week on Monday we have a baptism, so I am not sure if/how much I will be able to write (it is also a work holiday, so the email place closes early), but it will be awesome and I will do my best!

Love ya!!

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