Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snail Mail Photos from Natalie!

But first, a bonus photo of Natalie and her brand new companion, Lundstom Shimai!

Just before a super fun lesson!  Ai Chan's sister was in town from Abashiri so we got to do it together, and the Elders happened to stop by the church before it started (Aee Choro knows her sister from Abashiri)

Tsuchida Shimai's birthday at Eikaiwa

With Yamashita Choro and Shimai - they were so wonderful and gave lots of great advice!

Bowling activity on p-day with the Elders in our district

The Mini Cooper dealership in Asahikawa.  It may be one of my favorite roads to take... I may have found Mini Cooper stickers the other day.  And bought them.

It is spring so we decided to take our break in a park this week - Tsuchida Shimai got stuck in the snow up to her knees!  Not just once, either...

Snowman missionaries.  They're made for Hokkaido weather!

A farewell dinner for Brother Nogiwa at the church with the Elders.  He's been doing a fantastic job as ward mission leader here, but is going back to school at BYU Hawaii at the end of the week.

Double bonus: a photo from Natalie's companion Tsuchida Shimai with a note on the back!

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