Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In case you were wondering.​.. it snowed again today

Hello again from the ever-snowy Asahikawa!!

I am having a ton of fun working with Lundstrom Shimai here! We had to go get her registered with the city this past week, so I have some updated citizenship stats (I think I sent these when I went before?).

Right now in Asahikawa, there are:
349,332 people living here
674 people are non-native (including all Asian countries, etc.)

Moral of the story, we have a tendancy to stand out! It has been funny to see some people get super nervous when we like go up to a counter at a store, and then the relief when I start speaking Japanese. So far we haven`t had too many language problems yet! People tend to stop on the street more (possibly because they might think we`re lost), so it has great benefits.

We had general conference this past week, which was fabulous as always! We also had a really fun lesson at a members house. This week went by ridiculously fast! I also forgot to mention this last time, but one of the little girls of a family I absolutely love that I met while housing in Atsubetsu, my first area, was baptised at the end of last month! It was seriously the happiest thing ever. I wish I could have been at the service, but it doesn`t matter where I am as long as she will be able to receive such blessings!!

Ahh, and I am out of time again already! Until next week,

Sister Crofts

Wait! Bonus letter and photos arrived this week!

4/8/13 The weather today is a mixture of rain and snow, but we are having fun getting Lundstrom Shimai all set up with a bike and everything!  But without further ado, the pictures:

In front of one of the fun displays for the zoo at a bank in the city.

Asahikawa is lucky because there are two districts that meet in the same building (the Elders in Shibetsu and Takikawa are like two hours away from each other so they meet in the middle, which happens to be Asahikawa)!  This is the group shot from last transfer!  Back row left to right is Elder Harper from Utah, Elder Sims from Texas, Eler Itee from Hawaii, Elder Nishima from Okinawa, Japan, Elder Jo from Japan/Korea, Elder Hatch from Utah, Elder Fepuleai from New Zealand.  Front me, Tsichida Shimai from Japan, Elder Brown from New Zealand.

My newest companion, Sister Lundstom, and I!  All the flowers were made by Sister Hansen, one of the senior missionaries.

Having fun with the flowers.

All of the newest Sisters together.  The first four are natives (the group includes 19 and 20 year old’s), the next two are half and have lived in various places, and then Lundstrom Shimai.  They just happened to stand in that order and I thought it was funny.

I forgot to say this in the email, but one of the little girls I love from my first area got baptized!  She is 10 and I love her and her family.  Since I was in Asahikawa and couldn’t go to the baptism I took a picture to send as a message.

And this is the long requested picture of me at my desk!  (I straightened my hair for like the first time in six months so I figured I should take a picture to document it).

And more pics from the Sapporo Mission Facebook page:

Yakiniku Lunch with New Companions

Sisters Training Meeting on April 4th with paper flowers made by Sister Hansen.


Elder and Sister Yamashita zone conference

March birthdays!

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