Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Asahiyawa Zoo: Round Two!

Hello family and friends!

The running theme of my mission life continues -- we`ve been super busy so I don`t have time to write much...

Today was a lot of fun though! We went to the zoo with all of the Elders in our district plus half of the Takikawa District. I have a year passport so I was more than happy to use it again! I love going to the zoo. Like a lot.

We also have to go to Sapporo tonight though because I have a meeting first thing in the morning and then an exchange in Shin Kotoni (with Northrop Shimai, my MTC companion so it will be a lot of fun), and it is a little over a two hour bus ride so we have to finish this up real quick and then grab our bags to head over to the bus station.

I`m kind of exhausted though. But in a good way.

Especially because this past week, after I did my last email, we had Ai Chan`s baptism! Hopefully next week I will be able to email a picture. Baptism, if you aren`t too familiar with the term, is a church ordinance that was taught in the Bible (and Book of Mormon, of course) that cleans us of our sins, or mistakes. We promise to follow Christ and keep His commandments, and then God promises to forgive us of the things that we do wrong as long as we repent and continually try to follow Christ`s example to do better. That`s a terrible
explanation, but it is really great.

Anyways, she had her baptism last week and it was fantastic -- you could feel the Spirit so strong. It was awesome to see how she was able to have the way prepared for her to come to the church, even if it took some time. And her sister also came up from Abashiri, which is like a 4 hour drive away, and it was perfect. Her sister just joined the church like a year ago, and actually was introduced to the church by her sister Ai Chan. So cool!

Ok, have to go!!! I feel like these emails are always a sprint!

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