Monday, May 20, 2013

The Kotoni and Ebetsu Week!

As my highly creative title suggests, this week's exchanges were in Kotoni and Ebetsu!

Ebetsu was especially fun because I got to meet pretty much all of my investigators, and then some members too! It was actually pretty crazy how many people we were able to meet -- there are definitely miracles that come with exchanges!

And here are some pics from the exchanges of the week (I am still way behind on pics from the past transfer of course, but I figure it would be good to keep at least a little up with time. If I have some time after I'll send some of the old ones!)

Oh first, a pic from a way fun member dinner last week! They are in the Kotoni ward.

And last Monday was Osterloh Shimai's birthday! She is living in the same apartment as us, so we all went out to dinner.

#1 is me and Amada Shimai in Kotoni during a rain storm. The cherry blossoms have finally started coming out!

Me and a favorite person from Ebetsu.

Me and Miyamoto Shimai, who I worked with in Ebetsu.

Plus me and Kise Shimai in front of the Ebetsu church!

Ebetsu members!

All of us.

And the Nopporo Eki (the train stop we always use in Ebetsu).

And that is it for now! We've been super busy, running from place to place and it is crazy, but there are definitely a lot of great things that have been coming along with it. I am excited to see what happens!
Love you all!

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