Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Two Years Later, A Blog Makeover

After two years, I have finally given my blog a redesign. I have to admit, it wasn’t entirely willing – I logged onto my blog last week only to discover that the cityscape background I loved had disappeared. Not cool.

However, I have decided it was a sign that I should change everything. I’ve been pining for some extra width to publish larger photos forever. Plus, when I started this blog, blogger was worlds more restricted than it is now and I hadn’t even started my design classes. Now that I’ve relinquished the old layout I was so attached to, I’ll probably be messing around with the way this site looks a lot more. Look forward to more changes in the future!

Coincidentally, it is almost exactly two years since I started this blog. And three years ago last week I started my first blog as I embarked on London Study Abroad (I can’t believe it’s been that long!).  For those of you who think I deserve a grander celebration of my three years of blogging, like say a  trip to London where it all began, I will gladly accept all cash and checks.

So, old design, I bid you adieu.  You were very good to me.

Lemonade blog original design

(Side note: At the risk of jinxing things, I just want to express that I love my trusty old hp laptop so much because even after four years of my lugging it all over the world, it still constantly runs the 2000 programs I demand of it quickly and at the same time).
*song = Back Here by BBMAK (sometimes you have to indulge in a little boy band action. for my fellow Londonites, there’s some great London footage.  Just sayin’) 
Update: now I’m stuck in an endless loop of watching 90’s and early 2000’s music videos.  Ooops.  This best of the 90’s pop video is a Winner.


  1. A. I love that I'm in your new blog header.
    B. I think you should design my blog.
    C. I can't believe London was three years ago.
    D. I can't donate any many for your trip to London because I need to it for my own return.

  2. I love your new layout. It looks great, and I like the extra width for the photos (I have been thinking about making change for the same reason, actually). Good job with the design!

  3. Sooo adorable Natalie!
    You do deserve a prize.
    Not sure if I can do London though...
    Ask Amber, I am sure she will help,
    she is loaded.



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