Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Philly Philly Philly Philly Philly

This weekend was fabulous because I finally was able to go visit Annie in Small Town Pennsylvania! It was magical.

I’m far too tired to edit all of the pictures of our adventures right now (you may have noticed that I was also too tired to come up with a decent title for this blog post), but this weekend was too much fun to wait any longer to share some of it with you. So, I give you documentation of the beginning of the journey – Philadelphia.

Annie is a kind soul, so instead of making me ride the bus all of the way to Honesdale both ways she drove the long 2 1/2 hours to Philly to rescue me on Friday. And as a result we got to play there, see some historical sites and eat Philly Cheesesteaks! Always a good thing.




Visiting the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall was a must.




As was eating delicious sandwiches,


leaning on brick walls and hugging old looking lampposts,



and striking random photos. (Traditional poses can be overrated)

You should also check out my blog post from last year’s Philly trip, because it features some of my favorite photos from last summer. And because I say so.

More pictures from this weekend will be coming soon!  Think small town cuteness, outer space antiquing and ninja kittens.

*song = Let’s Fall Back in Love by Slow Club.


  1. yay philly! i'm glad you had fun! (and that you went to jim's instead of pat's or geno's for a cheesesteak)

  2. Muahahaha. The next posts are going to be so magical. Also...I'm stealing your pictures for my blog. Please and thank you.



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