Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Giving Tree


One of my absolute favorite things about Christmas are the giving trees people set up where they have paper ornaments for you to pick up with Christmas wishes on them for you to fulfill. Maybe it’s just because it gives me an excuse to buy toys, but I absolutely love it. Growing up we would always go to the mall and my mom would let us choose one to do or we would take something to the toys for tots drive at the fire department.

Now that I’m in charge of my own finances I have trouble resisting the urge to just do all of them. I usually just give in. I love to imagine how excited the kids will be Christmas morning! This year I got to get a six-month-old Brisa a tiny pair of plaid shoes, and a seven-year-old Haden and pillowpet and Knex. I have to admit buying the pillowpet was my favorite. It’s a bumblebee! And I just loved carrying a squishy (in a soft, good way) grocery bag away from the store.


The pillowpet and I became good friends at work before I dropped it off at the giving tree today. I hope he makes the little boy very happy too!


  1. Hey remember how I saw you coming out of the grocery store with that squishy grocery bag?!

  2. I think you need to bet a bumble bee for yourself as well. It looks so soft. Julie Hoggan

  3. Love the gifts Natalie, you really picked out some super cute things! Christmas morning will be special for Brisa and Hayden because of you! xoxo



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