Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Distractions

IMG_9932 I have this thing where I think my brain has reached its limit of studying. And Halloween just provided way too great of a distraction. Here are some of the things we did for the holiday while not doing other (arguably more important, but way less fun) things.

My roommates made some cookies while watching Rear Window and I came home to catch the tail end of it. Brynn, who also didn’t want to do her homework, decided to see if she could make the same faces as the ghosts. Love her.



Naturally there was some dressing up.


And of course we carved some pumpkins!

IMG_9993c IMG_9992c

IMG_9997c IMG_9999c


We (mostly Annie) even made the pumpkin seeds into, well, cooked pumpkin seeds. And they were delicious.



Now for Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man I want those pumpkin seeds right now! They were so good. Even if they were like 95% sodium.



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