Monday, November 15, 2010

Can’t Handle It


My History of Creativity professor is trained in the ways of torture – he’s shown pictures of the British Museum, the Louvre, and Europe in general, reminding me of the days when I would actually be going to these places for class instead of looking at pictures of them in PowerPoint. And today he showed pictures of cathedrals in Paris. Did he know I was there exactly two years ago this Wednesday? I think so. He’s out to get me, and he knows exactly how to do it*. I mean, is showing pictures of him eating crepes while discussing them in great length really necessary?? There can’t be any other plausible reason for doing this.

Places he talked about in great detail and length:

Hist of Creat Paris

He even talked about our exact tour guide at Chartres. Really?

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, he started talking about these places in England, because he knew that would be the final straw.

Specifically, he mentioned these places:

Hist of Creat England

Dear professor,

A class from 4-6:3o on a Monday evening is already bad enough. Please don’t make me want to be somewhere else even more.

Sincerely, Natalie

*In case you’re wondering why this is one of the highest forms of torture for me when it’s one of my favorite topics, it’s because it used to be oh so close. And it still seems so close. But it’s not.


  1. torture, pure torture. love mom PS I want a crepe now, darn you.

  2. I literally think I would have broken down in tears and run out of the classroom screaming if I had to sit through that lecture. You are a very strong woman.



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