Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Sisters Training Meeting Week and Asahikawa Weekend

So... I am actually in Asahikawa right now! Which means there won`t be any pictures for this week, but hopefully there were enough from last week to tide you over!

The reason I am in Asahikawa again for p-day is because there was a music concert (of a much smaller scale than the others. Members performed in this one too) that we participated in on Saturday night, so we stayed for church and an exchange and then are going home to Sapporo after this! Kise Shimai had never seen the zoo before, and so since it is so famous that was obviously a must before she heads home.

Being back in Asahikawa was a ton of fun! I got to work with Lundstrom Shimai, which was magical since we only had once transfer together instead of the normal too for training and she is just way too fun to work with. It was kind of funny though because it didn`t feel like an exchange at all -- just like a normal day of dendo! Being in Asahikawa was also great because I got to meet with some of my favorite people again before I get too far away. I saw Ai Chan for a little bit too!

She is still the best.

One of the main features of this week was a Sisters Trainer Training Meeting we put on this week for all of the sisters (as the title suggests) to be able to be good trainers since everyone will be having to work with new missionaries soon. There are going to be eight new sisters coming this next transfer, so that means that everyone will have to train! It is pretty exciting. We had workshops from President and Sister Evans, the Assistants to the President and then us, so it was a really good opportunity.

This week was also super awesome because of a new friend that has come into our lives! She is someone who has been super prepared to hear the gospel message -- she has had some experiences dealing with leukemia and other things that has led her to believe that there is a God and that He loves her, but wasn`t sure which church was correct. It has been so happy to share what we know with her, and see how she grows as she prays everyday and reads the Book of Mormon! This message is really just such a powerful catalyst for good, and gives so much purpose in life. If you haven`t had much of a chance to learn about it before, I recommend it more than anything else! If nothing else, you can`t decide for yourself if it is good or not without hearing more about it. Feel free to ask missionaries, cruise over to mormon.org or just ask me! It is fun.

Anyways, my time is up, but I think you are all fabulous and hope you are having the best of days! Life in Japan continues to be fun, and the summer weather has come at long last so it is great.

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