Monday, June 24, 2013

The Grand Finale

Hello everyone!
This week is my last one in Japan, which is super weird! It doesn't feel like it  at all. But we are having a ton a fun! And are booked for lunch and dinner every remaining day this week, haha.
But... since this is my last p-day I think instead of writing an email I will go have some fun in Japan and then report back on everything once I get home!
I will be back Friday morning American time (I leave Friday morning Japan time, so that is weird), so I am excited to talk soon!! 
And for the last time from Japan (at least for now), I will sign out! Have a great week!

...Ok, just one picture to tide you over. It is of all of the Odori missionaries, taken approximately 30 seconds ago.


  1. Wonderful mission! Congratulations. What a difference you have made in a lot of people's lives. Cute last picture........

  2. I have been following -- lurking -- on your blog since way before you left on your mission. I can't believe 18 months have passed already! Welcome home. And if you are wondering who this weirdo is, I actually grew up on the same street as Lori and the Thornbrues in Beaverton, long ago. :)



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