Monday, June 17, 2013

The Eniwa and Odori Week!


So this past week we went to --- Eniwa! Where is Eniwa you might ask? Not too far -- it is actually where the Sapporo airport is. But it just opened up to sisters this transfer, so it was our first time going out there! It was nice and green. I worked with Miyagawa Shimai, and we went out pretty far, where there was a really pretty natural forest along the freeway. I also had my first experience teaching a lesson in English this week. It was really weird! I am not sure if I was able to explain things functionally at all, haha. But it was fun!

We also did exchanges with the other sisters who are living with us in Odori, and it was great! I worked with Osterloh Shimai, focusing in the Toyohira area and saw lots of fun people.

But without further ado, some pictures! It is easier to describe things that way.

First, an Odori sunset. Then some fun from two p-days ago when we had some fun snacks and took puricura with the other Odori sisters!

I have currently come to the realization that I have too many pics that I haven't sent and no time to send them.  So I think I will just send a couple from this week now, and then post others on the blog after I get home... while I am sitting on the couch eating ice cream or something. It will be a more quality experience for everyone involved.

But this week...

There was the Sapporo Matsuri! It is a big festival, featuring a long sidewalk of declicious food stands and games. There were also a couple of cute old school haunted houses that looked fun, even though we didn't go in.

We went during a break with one of our friends Rina, who is actually from Columbia and super cool.

It kept getting more and more crowded the longer we were there! Super fun.

A lot of the girls(and occasionally the guys) get dressed up in Yukatas (like a lighter summer version of a kimono) for matsuris, and it is super fun.

Ok, and that is all that I have time for today!
Everyday is so much fun, it is ridiculous. I will have to fill you all in on more later!

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