Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Hakodate and Atsubetsu Week!

Hello everyone!

I am not super confident in my writing skills right now (can't focus here at the mission home at all. The Elders are way too entertaining), so I'll jump right into the pictures and use that as a frame!

We started out by going to.. Willy Wonka's chocolate factory on last p-day!! Ok, maybe it wasn't Willy Wonka, but it is the cutest chocolate factory ever -- everyone always says it is like Disneyland. It is the company for the Shirokoibito cookies that are way delicious (when I was in Asahikawa Ludstrom Shimai and I both got a big box of them with like thirty packages and ate them ridiculously fast). It is all made up like a European village or something with cute little houses and such out front, and then you can go inside and see where the cookies are made and stuff too. The four Odori Sisters all went together and it was the best!

There were all sorts of famous people there too, like Mona Lisa. You know, she was just chillin' there.

Our meal on the way to Hakodate! Hakodate is a three hour or so train ride from Sapporo... and it is down in the Penninsula of Hokkaido. Since it is a penninsula it has the ocean on both sides, and is just a super cute seaside city! I've wanted to go there forever but was never transferred to there, so going there for this exchange was a real treat!  We went down on Tuesday night, did the exchange on Wednesday and then left first thing Thursday . But I wanted to stay way longer! It was just way too cute. I'll have to plan a vacation back to there ASAP...

First glances of the ocean!

At the top of a mountain overlooking the bay! We did housing up it and found a park. It was so gorgeous that these pics don't do it justice at all. There are also a ton of really cool old churches from when European settlers (maybe they were Dutch or something?) came.
It was kind of funny though because Hakodate is known for being like the warmest area in Hokkaido... but the day we were there was the first day it rained all transfer! Peterson Shimai (who is way awesome and from Canada. Working together was a blast!) and I may have gotten really wet. But it was still fun!

The rain may have destroyed our map...

But it didn't keep us from waking up a little early the next day to do morning exercise (which missionaries have for 30 minutes first thing every morning) on the beach! We borrowed a bike from the elders so we could all make it out there. It was like a monsoon (that cleared up as soon as we were on the way back to the apartment, haha), but that just made it even better.

Left to right! Kise Shimai, Peterson Shimai, Smith Shimai (who is also super entertaining, as I am sure you can tell) and me!

Ah and only like three seconds left to mail! Um, maybe I will do Atsubetsu next week? I have to work on my time management skills. But Atsubetsu was so awesome! It was my first area, and I got to work with Parker Shimai and see a lot of my favorite people, including my favorite family! Ok, I will see if I can send a picture or too...

But first, Hokkaido shaped bread from the Sapporo Eki!

We had dinner with my favorite family at night...

and then went to their school's undokai (it is like a sports competition that all of the elementary school kids do every year, and it was so much fun to see! A cool cultural experience too) the next day! We got to have a bento lunch too.

Aren't they the cutest kids in the world?? I love this family so much. Masuda Shimai and I met them when we were going door to door last year.

And then on Saturday night we had a dinner at the Moiwa Bishop's house... with an impressive amount of missionaries! There were 8 elder and 4 sisters, and then some ward members! Good times.

And I am way over and everyone is waiting for me, so until next week!!

Wishing you all the best of luck!!!

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