Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Picture Day!

Today we`re having an activity with the Elders at the Suehiro church (the Asahikawa stake center, actually), and they have a computer here we can use. Which means... I can send pictures! A one day special, so I will just send as many as I can with descriptions. Ok? Ok.

First up, the ice sculpture contest they had at Kaimono Koen. I think I sent a pic before? Maybe? Anyways, this was my favorite -- I don`t know if you can tell, but there is like a miniature dragon inside of the middle!

Next up is the Asahikawa winter festival! I think I mentioned this before too, but it`s a lot better with visuals! I think it was the Japanese army that made this huge structure -- it`s a giant transformer! You could climb around on it, and they had slides running the whole length of the thing from the top to the bottom (I think you can see a line of people waiting) that was made out of ice. And then there was a sound stage with ongoing live performances in front. It was way cool!

They also had other little ice and snow sculptures that were cute, and an Anpan Man cave (Anpan Man is a famous children`s character here).

We also did some shopping that day.

For valentines day we made some brownies that my mom sent (but I may have spaced out while making them and added an extra cup of water, and then had to add flour and... let`s just say it was still delicious, but more like a cake, haha).

And Asahikawa is famous for all of it`s rivers, so here is one of the many bridges on a nice day!

And one of the signs that spring is nearing -- being able to locate where there once were children`s parks!

But it is still kind of cold...

But we`re meeting lots of great people and having fun!

Well, the Elders are waiting to start the activity so I had better wrap it up. But I think you are all fabulous!

ah, but the elders can wait one more sec -- forgot these! haha. Kids English class, and a wonderful member family who invited us to lunch.
Love ya!

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