Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Asahikawa Fun Continues

So my parents have already figured this out, but Tsuchida Shimai and I will be spending another transfer together in Asahikawa! I am really excited because we just have a ton of fun out on the streets (and everywhere else) together.

The days have been getting longer, and even though it is still snowy and cold... I am secretly hoping for an early spring! There have been a few sunny days and if I just look at the sky (and not down at the ground, where there is a lot of ice) I can totally picture it being spring. We`ve been meeting some great people lately, and even though some of the appointments have been falling through we have high hopes for the next few weeks.

This past p-day we went to the Asahikawa winter festival, which was awesome. I think we totally lucked out being in Asahikawa at this time of year, becauase it meant we got to go to both the Sapporo Snow Festival and Asahikawa Winter festival! They were both a ton of fun, but a little different. At the Asahikawa festival they had a giant, seriously giant, snow sculpture of a transformer that you could walk around on and had a bunch of super long ice slides for kids to ride on (we wanted to try to...). Pictures coming sometime via snail mail!

Ah out of time! Lately everything seems to be going super fast, both regular days of missionary work and 30 minute email sessions! Hope everything is treating you well!

Sneak preview!

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