Friday, February 22, 2013

Picture Time!

New pics from Natalie fresh off the mail truck...

The Asahikawa 2nd ward singles mochi party.  Lots of Eikaiwa students came too, so it was a lot of fun!

One day when we were walking to church we saw a bunch of guys standing around a huge mound of snow in a parking lot… and when church ended we found a giant snow sculpture of Asappi, Asahikawa’s mascot, and his friend in its place!

Purikura!  After taking some fun photo booth pics that we love.

Shoveling snow on our balcony on cleaning day.  That jump rope you see hanging there is like frozen into the ground.  We couldn’t find the end!

Asahikawa has a ton of rivers (the “kawa” of Asahikawa actually means river) and this is one of the bridges we take every week.  It looks like the middle of nowhere because of the snow, but it is actually right next to the train station.  Sometimes we see people on cross country skis there, in the city, to go shopping or visit friends!

Apparently news of my love of Mini Coopers has spread well through the mission, because right when I became companions with Tsuchida Shimai she excitedly told me about a mini dealership on a road we often take.  They have tons of cute renovated old Minis!  I want one.  And then on another main road close to our apartment there’s a new Mini dealer… this is a good place.

Pictures from when we wore kimonos at the Masudas!  Wearing a kimono is actually complicated, and it took like an hour to get the two of us dressed up.  Masuda shimai was very good at it!  Then we had fun taking pics inside and out.

The front of the Asahikawa train station.  It’s big and pretty and new.

The Suehiro district on p-day in Kaimon Koen (translates to “shopping park”).  We were supposed to go to a museum together but the Elders ran late so we ended up taking pictures and going to MacDonalds instead.

We went out with some members for dinner to a Nepal restaurant.  It was delicious!

After zone conference – a group of all the missionaries who know a family I taught while in Atsubetsu.

The snowboard trick slope at the Sapporo snow festival in Oden Park.

A dragon or something or other with cool lights!

I think this was definitely designed for couples… but all of the missionaries lined up to take pics here, even groups of the Elders!

The moment before I was attacked by Kito Shimai.  (note Elders waiting in line to take her pics in back)

A giant snow sculpture the size of a multi-story building.  The first of many!

The Asahikawa missionaries.

Another cool building.  Thought you’d enjoy an assortment.

The sisters of the Asahikawa and Hakodate zones (minus Atsubetsu, who had English class that night) in front of the character going to Hawaii.  Note the palm trees?

The Suehiro district members from, from right to left, Fukuoka Japan, Utah, Hawaii, Okinawa Japan x2, Oregon.

Some of the cool ice sculptures!

The editing fun of purikura.

That's it until next time!

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