Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And into March!

Hello everyone!

I don`t have much time left to write (my focusing power might not be at 100% lately... oops!), but things in Japan are still going well!

Yesterday was the Hina Matsuri, or festival of dolls, in Japan. I don`t know many of the details about it, but it is a festival for girls where they get together and chat and eat in front of traditional dolls (they are actually in one of the pictures I sent last week with the cute Fujita family). Tsuchida Shimai made a traditional meal for us; it is fun to experience these little bits of Japanese culture!
I will definitely have to do a lot more research when I get home.

I can`t believe it is March already... partly because the weather doesn`t reflect it! But we are still having a lot of fun and meeting with a good amount of people, both being able to share our message and learn from them as well. It is a great experience.

Sending you all lots of warm wishes!

Hina Matsuri

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