Tuesday, April 26, 2011



My BYU career came to an end this past week, with graduation on Thursday and Friday.  And while I’m still not really processing all that it means, those two days were definitely a ton of fun.  It provided a lovely excuse to celebrate!

It was graduation… so there’s going to be a lot of pictures.  But you know you will like it. Plus, I graduated so I’m fairly certain that means I get to do whatever I want now.


First, I have to point out that my parents got me a really awesome lei, as per tradition since my mom is from Hawaii and they love me a lot.

Now we may continue.


There were many happy meetings during the day, starting with a London (and Washington Seminar) reunion with the lovely Becky.


And I randomly ran into Hayley!  We have a high school version of this too. Fun stuff.


Jade from the newsroom.  She’s awesome. We both took 321 at the same time, and then worked at the fabulous DU as editors.


While we were in line we ran I ran into a huge group of wardies.  I think it is impressive there were so many of us randomly close!


I also ran into some of my favorite Washington Seminar people!

graduation seating pic

I realized during commencement that I had lucked out and was sitting next to people from all of my favorite BYU experiences: London Study Abroad, The Daily Universe & Washington Seminar.  Not too bad, considering there were like 5,000 grads!


The roomies were there.  Rebecca graduated too!  Love them.


The whole fam was there too, of course.  I love them too.



Annie & I went on a mini photo shoot at this BYU landmark.


I got to sit next to a bunch of awesome Daily Universe friends during convocation as well, but somehow I lost pretty much all of them after.  Luckily I did find Chase, ‘cuz DU people are the best!


Even with all of the excitement I found time for sisterly bonding.


Ta da!

Song = Graduation by Vitamin C.  Could it be anything else? As we go on, we remember all of the times we had together.  And as our lives change, we’ll still be friends forever.  Such words of wisdom from 2000.


  1. Love.

    And PS, it STILL doesn't feel real. Is this normal? I hope so. Otherwise I may have a problem.



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