Monday, January 24, 2011

Dastardly Design Distractions

Tomorrow I have my very first Geology test. So, naturally I decided now would be an excellent time for me to find some design inspiration. Even though I have nothing to design at the moment. And the test will definitely be happening tomorrow.

Some fun things I found/aspire to:

1.From Eggpress. If you can’t tell already from previous posts, I have a minor obsession for this Portland company.

i’ve been thinking of doing this for a while now. after i saw this floating around, i wanted to make my own version to hang on my wall. and knowing me, well, i had to make it all ~shnazzy~ so i made this 11x17 poster. i made it so you can download yourself one too, if you like. it’s a nice PDF file so you can take that to Kinko’s and blow it up and hang it nicely in your room or whateva.

2. This is awesome on so many levels. I would love to design something like this. You can download the actual file here.

Liza - Printable Invitation

3. Let’s be honest. I’m just obsessed with anything that involves bikes. And all of the designs from Coquette Paper and Press’ etsy shop are just clean and beautiful.

4. And these from Color Me Katie are photos, but aren’t their vision just beautiful? I want to do that.

I cut myself off from the search before I lost all of my studying time, but do you guys have any design sites you love? Also, do any of you know if upgrading to the CS5 Design Suite is worth it?

*Lingering Still by She & Him has been lingering in my mind today.


  1. Hey I saw Zooey was at Sundance this weekend so your choice of music is very timely!

  2. Yes the upgrade is totally worth it. Just saying.



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