Sunday, January 30, 2011

Return to Sundance


Last year’s escape to the Sundance Film Festival was so nice that I definitely wanted to return. Lucky for me, my roomie Rebecca planned out the adventure.

So here it is in pictures with captions:


I feel like taking pictures like this is required. The guy who took it said we had to make it our Facebook profile pic. I don’t think I’m going to do that, but I am going to put it here.



The first thing we did was stand in the waitlist line to try and see Flypaper, which is an fantastic comedic bank heist movie. We were totally victorious in getting in and I liked it a lot, minus the fact that it had a certain swear word in it about a million times (not much of an exaggeration). But I would watch it again in a heart beat and share it with all of my friends if it was edited.

It was also a really cool viewing experience because the director, Rob Minkof, was there to talk about it before and after. And he also just happened to be the director of The Lion King. So sweet.








After that we just wandered main street and took Sundancey pictures.



For some reason, random people kept jumping in. That banana man was there on purpose. I saw him creep into frame in the reflection of the window. And apparently me and that lady are best friends? Note how the guy she’s with just kept going.


Our grand finale was eating at the Eatery. Tasty.

It was a very successful day!

(Minus the fact that they ran out of the free Brita water bottles that I love. And I had been waiting all year to get one since I lost last year’s on my layover in Chicago on the way back from DC. But don’t worry, I bought one on ebay when I got home last night… It was necessary.)


  1. Your hair/outfit/everything looks great! I love the picture with the random lady. It is for sure my favorite.

  2. You are rocking that outfit Natalie! And yes, the guy was right, you need to make the first picture your new profile picture. Do it.



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