Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Found a Wallet


My wallet is bulging, and it’s not because it is full of money -- it’s full of treasures. In order to answer a money question for my mom I had to dive into the depths of my wallet, and along the way I found trove a lot of fun stuff. I think I have a habit of putting a few too many things in there… Annie and Sam (and my mom and sister and a ton of other people) can vouch for the fact that probably one out of every four times I get something out of my wallet I end up dropping all of my receipts on the floor in front of the cash register. People in line just love me. You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but all of my prizes do provide great entertainment when I’m bored! I may not always have a book on hand, but I do have my wallet full of memories.

Here are the highlights of the excursion. (Sorry the pictures are awful. I blame the night.)


The random collection. I feel like if you went through my whole wallet you could learn a ton about what I like and where I’ve been. And I’m discovering they’re mostly food places.


And movies. Plus some other entertainment!


Even some of the receipts were fun. Oh hey look, more food.


My favorite is this one from Good Stuff because you can see everything on it until the Milky Way shake, at which point the actual Milky Way shake covers up the rest.

P.S. Here’s a wallet song to accompany this post. Thanks for putting up with my crazy ramblings. I swear my wallet is cooler in person.

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  1. Speaking as a Certified Public Accountant this represents an awesome audit trail of recent financial activity. The Milky Way actually exceeds requirements...



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