Sunday, August 8, 2010


IMG_8892 So I finally finished my goal of reading All the Presidents Men just before leaving D.C. (I got back to Portland late last night). We tried to read it for SPJ at BYU this past semester, but somehow never really got around to it. Since I had already bought it to read I brought it to D.C. and I carried it around in my bag all summer, reading it on lunch breaks and on the Metro. Reading it in D.C. was fabulous, because sometimes the action would be happening right where I was, like at Lafayette Park next to the White House where we lunched every day. When I finished since we lived five minutes from the Watergate hotel we walked over for a little photo shoot…

IMG_8882 IMG_8893 IMG_8895 IMG_8910

P.S. brace yourself for a million catch up blog posts.

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