Sunday, August 15, 2010

The High-Roller’s View


Provo isn’t exactly the same as Portland, so my sister created a list of things to see and do at home one more time before she heads off for her first year at BYU. So to check one thing off, after church today we took a quick trip up to Pittock Mansion. (For non-Portlanders, Pittock Mansion is the best place to go to get a view of the entire downtown area. The mansion originally belonged to the 1860 owner of the Oregonian and is now a public park. Fabulous place for a picnic. See table above?)

We brought my camera along because we like it. As usual, the whole experience is right here in the album. The narrated stuff is below. I make no guarantees for quality, but they should be at least mildly entertaining!

The day included an un-intentional yet fun mini-photo shoot of Amber:



(she said trees make her eyes look green)


Jumping pictures were a must:

IMG_9305 IMG_9311

But I definitely like this best:


They also have interesting flowers. And bees. (I may have become a little distracted. As usual)

IMG_9274IMG_9266 IMG_9344

One more difference between Provo and Portland? The mountains. This is what real mountains are supposed to look like. Nice pointy volcanoes. Just sayin’. Love ya Mt. Hood.


Great day.



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