Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Embracing Shadows

This is the first of many catch-up posts. I have folders of pictures just waiting to be shared on my computer and a list of blog entry ideas. With all that was happening in D.C., I have to admit sitting at my computer to type was not my number one priority.

I took these pictures some-odd weeks ago on a Sunday night when we wandered over to the FDR memorial and then the Jefferson. I was a little frustrated that I had carried my camera all the way because it was too dark to have anything turn out clear, so I decided to try and make the blur into a good thing and messed around. These are some of the results. Hopefully some of them are interesting:

This is also time appropriate though because we went back to the FDR memorial on our very last night. We just happened to get there right when a ranger talk was starting, and so we wandered over out of curiosity and got sucked into the interesting stories. He told not only the good but the bad as well, and result was engaging and thought provoking. The ranger left us with the challenge appropriate for the end of our whole program -- go out and do good.




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