Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flashback Weekend

Once upon a time, about three or four years ago, I wanted to go to a Snow Patrol concert really, really bad. They were going to be playing on the waterfront in Portland, and it was only going to cost $7. What could be better? To be at one of my favorite places in the world listening to a band I loved? Then, tragedy struck and the band couldn't get a flight out of London. The concert was cancelled, and even though I actually couldn't have gone anyways (they scheduled it on a Sunday just to spite me) I was devastated.

Jump back to the present. It was about a month ago when an ad popped up on the side of facebook. Snow Patrol would be having a concert at UVU, a university that is only 10 minutes from BYU. Even though I haven't even heard anything from their latest CD (which is actually kind of a sad fact I will soon remedy), I was sucked into buying tickets to fulfill my dream of going to their concert from long ago. UVU isn't exactly an outdoor concert on the waterfront, but it will have to do. That concert is tonight.

This whole weekend has been full of things that are reminding me of high school, and not just the concert of a band I listened to back then. Snow Patrol reminds me a heck of a lot of high school though, along with a number of other great bands. It's funny how much memories tie into music. I can still remember their then new CD, Final Straw, being the hot birthday gift to give and receive in like the 9th grade. To make me think even more about Westview though, last night I went out to dinner with a bunch of girls from my high school and we talked about teachers and clubs and all sorts of things that we used to do and people we used to hang out with. When I was coming home from the library that night I even ran into one of the girls brothers and got to chat with him over a frosty. Then, this morning I actually went to one of the high schools in the area to take pictures of a football game, just like I always would for the school paper. It's crazy how these things seem to come in clusters. I can actually go a decent amount of time without thinking about Westview in detail, but this weekend I almost feel like I'm back there.

I'm looking forward to the concert tonight, and I'm sure that I'll have a lot of reminiscing ahead of me when I hear songs from a CD that I frequently listened to on the way to class, work and practices. Let's just hope the concert doesn't get cancelled again! I don't know if I could handle it a second time.

Post concert update: So I couldn't help but laugh when they told us that the concert was almost cancelled because the lead singer of the Plain White Tees (who was performing with Snow Patrol) was sick. Luckily they didn't cancel though, and it was amazing. Just hearing Run live was totally worth going. They were fantastic live, and they even had awesome Irish accents so that made it even better. Moral of the story-- if Snow Patrol comes to a town near you, you should go. And make sure it doesn't get cancelled so you won't have to wait another three years!

As a bonus below are select pictures I've taken for class in the past couple of weeks, including the farmers market at Thanksgiving point, Camille practicing the piano, Kiwanis park and the youth football game from this morning. Enjoy!


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  1. O man, first off Natalie: I love those pictures. And second (off?...) Snow Patrol WAS amazing. I just wanted to confirm that so your readers didn't think you were lying.



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