Monday, October 5, 2009

Being a Klutz

In case there were ever any doubts, let me assure you that I am a total klutz. You probably should have already figured this out after my post about the "shower incident," but let me lay any doubts you may still harbor to rest.

This account actually happened a couple weeks ago, but I'm healing now and it itches like none other so it's all I can think about. It all happened late one Friday night when I got a little over excited to get to Annie's to watch the new episode of Psych. I was minding my own business, running from my car to her apartment when all of a sudden I tripped big time. I blame this misfortune on bad lighting and an illogically placed step. Who puts a step up for the last square of sidewalk before the road anyways? It makes no sense. So the step took me out and I found myself hobbling over to Annie's and pleading for big bandages to cover my wounds. One of the most sad things about this is that I didn't get to pay much attention to the beginning of Psych that night.

What I'm really wondering is, when do these things stop happening? I totally remember coming home all the time as a kid with bloody knees, but I didn't really picture myself doing this now. It's not like I was even doing anything cool, like rescuing a small child from a charging school bus. I feel like I'm seven years old. I'm 20! I'm even wearing a spiderman bandaid on my elbow. And yes, I did go to Target and consciously pick out the spiderman ones because I thought they were cooler than all the boring plain ones.

As a celebration of what are soon to be my new scars I will tell you a couple other scar stories because you know you like them.

1) The Alpine Slide.
So, it turns out that when they tell you at the top of the Alpine Slide to not go too fast they actually mean it. At the time I thought that they just wanted to make it so I couldn't have any fun. Me and my sister were at the top of the alpine slide at Snowbird when I got a great idea. We should race! So I hunkered down and made myself as small as possible so I could go super fast. My plan was working and I was totally winning. Then I hit the first turn and shot off the track. I rolled in between the two tracks and ended up in the one next to me and jumped up panicking because I thought I was seconds before getting nailed by my sister. Luckily she stopped first. The great part about this is that my mom happened to be taking rapid shot pictures as this was happening and in each shot you can see my distance doubling and my sister shrinking. As a result of this adventure I got nasty scrapes all over my back, legs and arms. You can still see the scars. I was sore for the entire rest of the vacation, which involved a lot of time sitting uncomfortably in the car. As a testament to my toughness though, after I went to the first aid center I ended up going on the zip line and attempted to ride the slide again. The more embarrassing part is that this only happened a couple of years ago.

2) I ran into the dishwasher when it was left open. I still have a scar on my shin. The end.

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