Monday, November 12, 2012

Snow Bugs!

Hello wonderful family and friends!!

One of the biggest pieces of recent news? It`s in the title -- yuki mushi are out in force! Yuki mushi, literally translated, means snow bugs. Apparently every year right before the snow starts in Hokkaido, these little bugs start appearing. I`ll include some pics, but basically they are little bugs that look kind of like tiny black fruit flies or something, but then when it gets closer to having snow they turn white and have cute little fluffy butts.

However, what is not so cute is that they absolutely love launching into people`s eyes when they`re riding bikes, jumping into noses or especially latching onto people`s clothes. And there are seriously so many of them it is crazy -- if you look closely it looks like there are more bugs than air! So it`s impossible to avoid them. We heard from a couple of people that the bugs are so bad this year that in Otaru, which is a city close to the sea, people are having a hard time seeing. But the good news I guess is that once it snows they disappear, and the snow is predicted to come this week... It`s a little late this year because of the long summer, which probably also contributed to the bugs being so terrible. But the bugs are ridiculous. I even got one stuck in between my two front teeth that I had to floss out. But maybe they have some sort of protein, so the ones I have accidentally eaten will help build my strength?

Ok next news, which is probably super old news for everyone else, but we did hear about the results of the presidential election! If I had to wait until I got mail today I probably would have died. The way we found out was kind of funny -- one of the elders called a sister in the ward, who called us. Other than that, I literally have not heard or seen a single thing about it! No signs here that it ever happened, at least not in missionary life. It was weird not to vote, but my mom sent us delicious presidential election Moonstruck chocolates, so that helped make up for it. 

Hokkaido has been super beautiful with multi-colored leaves and gorgeous autumn sunsets, so I thought I would send along a few snapshots! The sunset pics are from the window next to my desk. (in case you`re wondering, the church isn`t our church. We just happen to live right next to another one! Latter-day Saint churches actually don`t display crosses because we like to focus on Christ`s life rather than his death). Enjoy!

Also, a fun little sign of lots of missionary work -- a worn out Book of Mormon and pamphlet folder! I`ve been using the same one since I got to Japan 8 months ago and it is kind of dead, haha. Thought you might enjoy.

And time is up! We`re on our way to the Sapporo Eki and then to go bowling with the elders in our district so it should be fun. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Happy Autumn!!

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  1. You have such a happy attitude about life..even life full of bugs. You are a joyful, Christlike person to know!



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