Monday, November 19, 2012

First Snow Falls!

It happened... Hokkaido`s 6 months of winter has begun!

There were predictions of snow like all week (we were getting text updates from one of the wonderful members in the ward, Muroya Shimai) but it never came. So even though there was a prediction for lots of snow on Sunday when we looked out the window in the morning there was blue sky, so we figured we were safe at least until night fell. Not so. I think that Oregon`s allotment of snow for the entire year fell during the three hour block of church. And it was crazy big snow flakes blowing like parallel to the ground. I think the first snow anywhere is pretty fun though; even all of the Hokkaido natives were often found staring out the window. The Elders got all excited and ran outside, only to promptly return like three seconds later covered in ice. Way funny.

I knew that my mom would need a picture, so we took one outside really quick before coming into the internet cafe this morning. Right now the snow is falling a tiny bit, and melting. But everyone says it won`t be long until it builds up! Now that there is snow on the ground we are officially a walking mission.

So I think I mentioned this in last week`s email, but on p-day last week our district went bowling next to the Sapporo Eki and had a great time even though I`m certain it featured one of my worst games ever... I may have got a gutter ball every single frame... but it`s ok because I got a few strikes in the next game. That cancels it out right? At least my first game was consistant! That totally counts for something.

This past week was also a lot of fun because we got to head up North again for another Zone Training Meeting in Asahikawa! It is a lot of fun to be able to meet up with other missionaries who are further away and hear about their recent experiences and learn together.

Some of the missionaries who were there in front of the Asahikawa chruch.

We also had some really good lessons this week, so it was way fun! A highlight of the week was on Friday when we met with one of our newest investigators, a college student. We had taught him the week before about the restoration of the church, and along with that about the Book of Mormon and prayer, and then challenged him to read the intro to the Book of Mormon (if you haven`t read it lately, or at all, I highly suggest it! I think since it`s right at the beginning people sometimes skip over it, but it is really easy to understand and has some great promises) and try praying on his own. And then when we came back he had totally done both, even though he had been so busy with tests that week that he hadn`t slept! So I am way excited to see how things work out with him. I think this might be the first time I have had an investigator pray after we asked them too, so I was way stoked.

Ok, somehow time has already ran up again! Sorry I haven`t been able to do my weekly scripture and Japanese word as much lately! Just know that I still love you.

I hope you all have the best thanksgiving ever!!! Thanksgiving is actually going to be transfers, so that will be fun. OK, gotta go. Really. LOVE YA!!

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