Monday, October 1, 2012

The Half Way Mark

I officially hit 9 months of being on my mission this past week, meaning that I have now entered into the world of having less time left on my mission than what I have already completed. So that is weird.

I`m still a little behind, so I will just start by sending pics and describing them and go from there! This past week went ridiculously fast. It`s crazy.

[This paragraph is repeated from last week for these two pics that didn't send due to an email problem]
They are really big on business cards here, so every time a missionary goes to a different area they write on the back of them to give to all of the members and people they worked with. It is pretty cool and fun. So since the music concert was in Atsubetsu I wanted to finish before then so I wrote seriously like every single day. When I finally finished I had written 47!

Last week we had a pizza party! Stilson Choro channeled his former little ceasars pizza making past and we all made little personal pizzas. Imanishi Shimai has made the dough in the morning because she is awesome. The most interesting pizza was created by O San, who is one of the Elder`s investigators from China. He put white chocolate lemon cookies in the middle, then cheese and all that, and then on top an intense amount of salt and pepper and crunched up cheese potato chips. Everyone ate a slice... I got part of the cookies so it wasn`t too bad. But it was super funny.

More pizza pics!

And I have tried out all of the banana bread recipes my mom sent me in the past few weeks and had fun both eating them and giving them out to investigators and people in the ward -- they don`t have banana bread here! The Elders were super stoked when I gave them some. The winner is the banana chocolate chip muffins. But the sour cream here is different and kind of expensive, so I`ll only be able to make it once in a while.

Also, you may have noticed that I cut my hair. It was just getting way too annoying, as much as I wanted to help the children. Getting my hair cut was a totally terrifying experience though, haha. I don`t know how to express the subtleties of hair cut desires in Japanese! It is definitely way shorter than what I said, but I`m still alive so it is ok. Maybe if I think really hard my hair will grow super fast again and I will have enough to donate to locks of love when I get home.

This past week we got to take a little field trip away from Ebetsu, going to Asahikawa! It is a two hour bus ride away, and the first time I have left the Sapporo area. We went there for a zone conference and went up and came back the same day, meaning we had to catch a 6:15 train to the Sapporo train station, where we took a 7 a.m. bus to Asahikawa, so it was super early but we survived. And it was fun to see everyone and do some training together!

Bah I am way out of time. But this week has been great, with some great lessons with investigators and such too. Hopefully I will be able to catch you up on that soon!!!

Love you all so much!!! This week has been a fabulous one for mail :)

Scripture of the week:
Alma 7:24 (Book of Mormon)
And see that ye have faith, hope and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works.

Japanese word of the week:
katatsumuri = snail

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