Monday, October 22, 2012

Quick email!

Today is President Evan's birthday, so everyone is at the mission home and there is no time to mail! I might have a minute or two to mail after but we might not so I"m going to send a picture of us in front of the sapporo eki (eki = train station). We did a little shopping on the way here today.
...I'm back!

I only have a few minutes, so I will make a super quick list of some highlights from the week:

We got to do some service for a member, Fujita Shimai, this week where we... made grape juice! They have grapes growing in the backyard and it is the end of the season so we cut them down and squished the good parts out for the beginning of the process, and then drank some that she had finished from the day before. It was delicious.

Ah time is up! It takes like an hour to get back to Ebetsu from here (bus and train...) and I still need to change out of my sports clothes (I'm wearing jeans for like the second time in Japan and it is glorious!) I didn't really have enough time to put enough points for this to consist of a list, haha. But I love you! Send me letters! You're all cool.
Love you!!

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