Sunday, July 15, 2012

Music, Music, Music

Sorry this email is probably going to be a short one! But it doesn`t mean I love you any less.

As you may have guessed from the subject line, recently in my mission life there has been a lot of music. And by a lot, I mean a LOT. But it should be really awesome... All of the missionaries in the Sapporo area are putting on a musical concert this Saturday!

There are some missionaries who are super talented, so there should be some really awesome stuff. But in order to make sure it will be good, we have been practicing a lot. This week will be the fourth p-day in a row that we are practicing I think, and it literally takes the whole day to go to the mission home, practice and come back to Atsubetsu. We haven`t gone grocery shopping since the first week of the transfer (don`t worry, we`ve been getting lots of food from the awesome members so it`s not a problem)... And I have six songs to memorize in Japanese! But it should be so great, and getting to see everyone every week can be fun. There should be a good 50 missionaries or so participating. Music is a really great and fun way to feel the spirit and touch people`s hearts, so I am sure that since we are putting so much time into it we will be able to see some miracles. This past Friday a few of us had a practice concert for Institute, and it was really a wonderful experience. I am excited for the real thing! Just wish me some luck memorizing the words, haha.

Scripture of the week:
Romans 12:21 (New Testament)
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Random Japanese Word of the Week:
ichikabachika = take a chance, try one`s luck

Also, random thought, but my hair has officially reached the point where it is probably in the ridiculously long category. I cut it at the MTC once... but you really can`t tell, haha. So recently I`d been thinking about getting it cut but with music practice never had time, and then the other day in the shower BAM idea! I could just let my hair go wild for the next year and then donate it to Locks of Love again right when I get home as one last act of service. Also, it would be kind of funny because the last time I donated it was right after I got back from living in another country (England). I was looking at some pictures from London and my hair is a lot longer now... Anyways, let me know what you think! I want your opinions!

And tomorrow we have our transfer announcement... so next week when I send the email, it could be from anywhere! Well, from any of the Sister areas in Hokkaido. It will be interesting to see what happens! I love the members in Atsubetsu and the kids English class is going really well so I want to stay in Atsubetsu for that, but I also really want to see other parts of the mission, so whatever happens will be good! (Oh side note, the address for mail on the side is the mission home address, so you never have to worry about transfers for that. The mail will find me!)

Love you all!!!!!

pictures = delicious soup curry place in Kita Hiroshima and a sunset on the cycling road. (sorry there aren`t very many!!)

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