Monday, July 23, 2012

And this email is coming to you from...


Where is Ebetsu, you might wonder? Right next to Atsubetsu. It is so
close that I am actually sending this email from the church in
Atsubetsu (the one in Ebetsu doesn't have computers), which I guess
means the email isn't coming from Ebetsu, but still, I am a Ebetsu
missionary now, so it's different.

Ebetsu is actually a little different though because while Atsubetsu
is a ward of the city of Sapporo, Ebetsu is its own city. In fact, I
would say Ebetsu is to Sapporo as Gresham is to Portland... I'd say
that is a pretty good comparison, because my first day in Ebetsu I
found out that just like Sapporo and Portland are sister cities,
Ebetsu and Gresham are sister cities! It was so funny, because I told
a member that I was from Oregon and they were all like "Oh Oregon! Are
you from Gresham?" And I was like how in the world does someone in
Japan come up with Gresham as the first city they think of in Oregon?
I am loving all of the Oregon connections I am finding over here.
Maybe my next area will be sister cities with Beaverton. I probably
just need to go a little more over to the west...

I am super excited to work in Ebetsu, and even though I have only been
here for a few days I can already tell it will be fantastic. Just like
in Atsubetsu the members are super involved (we ate at a member's
house for lunch and dinner yesterday), and my new companion is
fabulous. Her name is Sister Imanishi, and she is from Osaka. She is
actually 27 and worked as an engineer (with metals? Science
translation is hard!) for a few years before coming on her mission.
She is seriously so awesome; I actually really wanted to become her
companion. I think I will be able to learn so much and we will be able
to do a lot of good together here!

Scripture of the week;
Romans 8;38-39
For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, no principalities, nor powers, nor things present, not things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Japanese word of the week; it is a good one!
betsubara - there is always room for dessert!

I love you all!!

Ok, I will give you some pics, haha!

All of the gaijin who came with me to Sapporo from the MTC, reunited at music practice!

So there is this magical bagel place in Atsubetsu. I may already miss it. It is so good!!

The last district meeting of transfer 3

Before our last music practice we went to a cool sushi place where the sushi goes around in a big circle and you can pick what you want. Nishijima Choro (next to me in the group pic) was super adventurous and took whatever looked interesting... which turned out not so fun when he accidentally grabbed fish guts! There were even bits of bones in it, he said... nasty. I definitely stuck to the salmon and tuna varities. No fish guts for me!

Kito Shimai is always trying to steal my hair... it`s dangerous.

Also, just in case you were curious, my bed in Atsubetsu!

Ok, the end. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

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  1. What a wonderful missionary and fun missionary companion. You are the kind people write home about, "I have the best companion, she works so hard and is SO much fun."



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