Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Japanese Fourth of July

Aaah, so I have like a million pictures (mostly of food...) and things to talk about, but negative time because one of the computers at the church is broken this week. So I am going to do the best that I can! Wish me luck.

Ok, first up is an event we had on Saturday called Prep Mission. It was awesome. Bascially they had an activity in Sapporo where any young men or women who are thinking about going on a mission could come and get a taste of mission life. They had a couple of classes with President Evans and others, but most of the time was spent on splits with missionaries. It was actually kind of funny because the youth were nervous because contacting people on the street can be scary the first time, but some of us missionaries were kind of nervous too because we were going out one on one with them and didn`t want to mess up and have them end up with a bad impression of missionary work. And I was concerned I would mess up on the Japanese without my companion with me! The youth probably didn`t pick up on that at all, haha.

But there was really no need to be nervous at all, especially for me because the girl I worked with was a pro! Her name is Masuko Shimai, and she is 20 and really awesome (for example, her hobby is skateboarding with her friends). She said she was nervous, but you really couldn`t tell at all. When we were out streeting (talking to people on the street) near Odori Park and the Sapporo Train Station she would totally go up to people and start talking to them with out me having to tell her to, and she introduced our message so well. It was awesome and inspiring. And it was so fun to talk about mission life and the decision to come here in between. I learned a lot too. Right now she really wants to go on a mission, and if she does I know she will do great! She is a natural.

(next part in next email with more pics. ok? ok)

Ok, so next I shall talk about the Fourth of July, in case anyone is wondering what we did. It was kind of interesting to be in Japan for the Fourth, where no one I talked to even knew what it is, after being in Washington D.C. for the past two summers. Definitely polar opposites. But I was still able to have some American fun! When I was describing what the 4th of July is to Ochiai Shimai in the morning (me: Happy 4th of July!!!! Ochiai Shimai: What?) I started craving a hamburger, so I decided that one American thing we could easily do was... go to McDonalds, haha. Classy, I know. But it tasted like America, and I even received a free Olympics Coke glass, so that was a win. And then later in the day I got to talk to an American in English, so naturally that was fun too. And then we finished out the day by taking some puricura (the Korean style photobooth), which is always great. So it may not have been the traditional 4th, but we were still able to have some fun and I got to enjoy some American pride!

Also a bonus: pictures of a cool Japanese caterpillar! My companion says the pictures make her feel disgusting, but I thought it looked cool haha. Obviously not pics like my beloved big camera, but still fun!

I got to play with Nakandakari Ke (Ke = family) and have my hair did-up reals good. (Side note: I think my English is improving while I am here in Japan!)

This past week when we took the cycling road we took a little break in the middle and stopped at a cute little farm, with an adorable dog, for a nice chat with the owner and some shaved ice! It was a wonderful summer moment.

Ah I am out of time, so I will have to finish next week! Sorry this email is so all over the place... But hopefully it is still fun!

Real quick, the scripture and word of the week!

Scripture of the Week:
Mosiah 2:17 (Book of Mormon)
And behold, I tell you all these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

(Recently I have been thinking about how literally everything we have in our lives, our family, friends, possesions, has been given to us from God. But in return, we can`t really give anything back, because it is all His anyways. But the one thing we can give that He doesn`t already have is ourselves, our time. So whenever we help someone else or do something good we are able to give some happiness to our God who gave us everything!)

Fun Japanese Word of the Week:
Machidooshii = impatient.

Love you all lots! You are all fabulous people!!

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