Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Becomes Three

So the big news of the week is that as of right now... Our companionship is becoming a threesome! We were completely surprised when we got the call, out of the blue, on Saturday. It's actually super sad, because the reason our companionship is changing now is because Krok Shimai is really sick and had to go home to Australia today because of health reasons. It is super, super sad. She was only here for three months longer than me. I miss her already! I didn't even get to say good bye... We weren't in the same area so I didn't get to see her a lot while she was here, but she stayed at our apartment twice, and the first time was actually my first day in the country so she helped me a lot with things like getting Japanese money and buying ticket to get home on the subway. Very important things that I definitely did not understand at all. Her returning also means that now there are only three non-native Sister Missionaries in the mission, and it doesn't look like any new gaijin (Japanese for foreigner) are coming until October. Kind of crazy. But really cool at the same time.
The changes in companionships and areas because of Krok Shimai going home are super interesting though. I will try to portray a little bit of it. Bascially after the last transfer, which was just a little over a week ago, Krok Shimai was in Obihiro with Kise Shimai. There were two companionships in Odori, which was Cooper Shimai with Nishimura Shimai and Kito Shimai with Koyama Shimai. And then me and Masuda Shimai in Atsubetsu. But now seriously everyone's companioship has changed. Cooper Shimai went to Obihiro, and then this is super interesting -- usually Odori is a three-person companionship, but instead of Nishimura Shimai just joining Kito Shimai and Koyama shimai's companionship, she is staying in Odori with Koyama Shimai, and then Kito Shimai is coming and joining us. It's super, super interesting (side note: I think I have used the email super in this email more than I ever have before in my life...). Also, that means there are now seven missionaries in Atsubetsu, three sisters and four elders, making it the largest area in the mission. No one thinks that has ever happened here before. We don't even have a desk for a third person yet, haha. And just to put it in context: it would be like there were seven missionaries in the Five Oaks ward every week, except there are probably even less members in the ward here. Crazy!
There is obviously a really important work that needs to be done here right now. I think I mentioned this before, but sisters just opened (meaning they were in the area for the first time in a really long time) six months ago. I can't help but think that all of the focus that is coming on this area right now is in preparation for the temple. The temple is in our area. And if we find people now they can be able to enter the temple when it opens in just under two years!! I really feel like there are so many people here who can receive the indescribable blessings of the temple who just don't know about the church yet. Having a temple so incredibly close is such a blessing. In the temple you can receive the blessings of eternity -- individually, but even more beautifully as a family, because in the temple we perform the ordinances that can make your family be able to stay together forever, even after death, in a state of perfect happiness. So beautiful. And since it is so close there will be people here who will be able to volunteer in the temple and go as often as they like. Ahh blessings! If you don't much about temples, you should look them up on Mormon.org because they are so awesome. I wish I was going to be here for when the Sapporo temple opens and has their open house and such, but I am so glad to be able to help prepare people the area!
So exciting things are happening. Sorry I don't know anything to tell you about Kito Shimai to tell you yet, other than that she was just in a threesome with Cooper Shimai and her trainer, and that her first area was Atsubetsu ( I think she was actually one of the people to open it. Also super interesting), but I will tell you more next week! Love you all so much!

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