Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Another Week of a Missionary in Japan!

Hello again from Japan!

It still seems kind of crazy that I am here actually serving a mission in Japan, even though I have been here for two months. It is so cool. I wish I could adequately share it with you through my emails and pictures, but it isn`t quite possible to capture everything. Especially because every time I get to the computer I forget what I wanted to write about... but hopefully what I do share is still fun! If you have any more questions definitely send me a letter. Or two. Or three.

This past week was filled with a lot of what we do every week, but it occurs to me that maybe some of you don`t know what a normal week for us is. Because before I got here I didn`t know either! I heard about missions a lot because people love to talk about them, but before I got here I definitely didn`t know all of the specifics, other than the fact that missionaries wake up at 6:30 every single morning since mornings are not something I have ever been a huge fan of. But don`t worry, I have been totally fine doing it! Yay blessings. I don`t think I will be one of those people who keep waking up early after the mission though...

After we wake up, everyday except for Sunday, we have half an hour to exercise, and then after eating breakfast and getting dressed we have an hour of personal study, an hour of companion study, and then an hour of language study. During our study time we prepare for the lessons that we have that day by reading the scriptures and practicing teaching and other fun stuff. Before the mission I would have thought studying the scriptures for that long would have been super long, but now that I am here it always seems way too short! I always want to learn and read so much more. Even if I wake up and feel really tired after reading the scriptures and Preach My Gospel and just study the gospel I always feel refreshed. It is great.

Language study is definitely way too short too... We don`t get to have it everyday because of various other meetings and such, so when we have it I always have like a million different things I want to study. It is great having Japanese companions for language study because they can help explain things and practice with me. We practice English too, which is always super entertaining. I`ve also started carrying around a little notebook to write down all of the random words I learn during the day and it is a lot of fun. With the weather warming up most of my words are fun things like `tanpopo,` which is Japanese for dandelion, and `ari,` which is Japanese for `ant.` Another favorite word I have learned recently is `honki de,` which means `seriously.` I just think it sounds funny, haha. I intend to use it more often.

So that is our morning schedule, which really helps us prepare for the rest of the day when we go out and meet and teach people. I will talk more about that part next week! Things here are going well with the new companionship. Having three people can be really convenient and fun. Kito Shimai always has super entertaining stories. Oh, and she is from Tochiki (I am fairly confident that is how you spell it now. Haha, I am terrible.)

We did have one special event this past week, which was a zone training meeting where all of the missionaries from nearby got together and... had training. It is pretty much what it sounds like, haha. But it is always so much fun to see everyone and learn together!

Two pictures this week!

The first is the three of us next to some of the Tulips that are along the road to the church. The flowers have been so pretty! I will be so sad when they go away. Also, my bike is in the background. So that kind of counts as a bike picture, right?

And then the second is of us with a super cute family in our ward, the Nishijima family. We went to their house for FHE and it was a lot of fun! They are all really awesome.

That`s it for now! Thank you everyone so much for your support! I hope the weather is getting nicer wherever you are, and that you are enjoying it! Before the mission whenever there was good weather all I ever wanted was to be outside all day, and now I get to do it! Of course, we get to be outside all day in the bad weather too, but it is totally worth it.

Bonus! Picture of everyone from our zone training meeting last week!

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  1. All those years we had Japanese girls come and stay with us, they always did 'peace' with their fingers in every picture. Makes me happy to see those beautiful faces doing the same peace symbol!
    Love your mission updates.



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