Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MTC Pictures #2

We finally got a group photo of all the girls who came in on December 28! 
Me with your package and letter to Annie. 
That's what the mail room looks like. Tada! 
 Sister Abraham and I. 
Look at us both going to Japan! Isn't that fun? Yay!
 My companion and I with a couple extras in front of the temple.
Our Elders love photobombing so much that whenever you take a photo in their vicinity you can play a Where's Waldo type game to find them!
 Our view from our classroom window is really awesome. We're five stories up so we get to see a ridiculously beautiful sunset every night. Love it. It is totally worth the five flights of stairs...not that I have to climb them anymore thanks to Northrap Shimi! Only injured missionaries get to use the elevator. Isn't it kind of weird that I just look at BYU campus all day though? I mean I just graduated from the place and thought I'd be gone for a while...
 Me and the humidifier.
Now you can have a visual of the humidifier that won! I figured it deserved to celebrate its victory with a moment of glory on the blog.
 The roomies.
All of us outside our room. I liked my hair that day so I made them take a picture with me. There you go mom!
 Me and my old roommate Nataly.
I got to see my roommate from Junior year who is going to the Dominican Republic a couple of times. This one was during service, and I ran into her because she lives in the building we clean. It was happy. But she left me already. She was gone quick!
My companion and I waiting for our shuttle to come take is to physical therapy. We're pretty good friends with that bench now since we visit it three times a week.

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