Friday, February 17, 2012

2-17-2012 Email: Welcoming Newbies

Hello Minasan!

So I'll start with the most fun part of the week first. On Wednesday all of the Japanese missionaries got to host the new missionaries who were coming in (new missionaries come in every Wednesday)! It's really quite awesome. Basically as soon as the new missionaries step out of their cars we get to take care of them for the next little while. The Elders take all of their luggage out of their car, and then if it was a new Sister they would come take them to us girls so we could take them to their rooms and to get their name badges and pick up tons and tons of books and then drop them off in their classes. It's so fun to meet the missionaries right when they get there because they are so excited but freaking out at the same time.

And it's so cool to see where everyone is going and where they came from! Apparently there were like 115 new Sister missionaries who came in this week, so we all were able to host a lot of people. I hosted three, and they were all awesome. For my first batch I had two really cool international missionaries; one was from England and going to Madrid, and the other was from Australia and going to Temple Square. After that I had one more Sister who is going to Siberia and is from Salt Lake City. It's so amazing how many places people are going to share the gospel. I hope I get to host again before I leave! Sometimes you luck out and are assigned to do it more than once. And next week is when we get our new Japanese missionaries! It's going to be a party.

Another awesome thing about this week: in the past three days I have run into four non-missionary friends at the MTC! The first person I ran into was on Valentine's Day and it was pretty much the most exciting thing ever, because it was Melissa Alder! It was so incredibly unexpected and happy. Apparently she got a job here tutoring Senior Missionaries in German or something. And then the next day when we were hosting I ran into Kira Roerig again because she is still really cool and teaching Spanish here, and then I ran into a guy friend from my Freshman ward who works here too, and yesterday I ran into Angela Breedlove who is teaching Spanish here too! Oh and I found Peter Carroll's sister Lena too because we were hosting at the the same time, so that was cool. Basically, the MTC is the place to be.

This week has had some interesting medical fun too. Sunday was probably the craziest. We were in Relief Society on Sunday, which is a church meeting with all of the Sisters in the MTC, watching an intense Mormon Message illustrating a talk Elder Holland gave about a boy who was struck by lightning, and right when the coach was about to give the boy a priesthood blessing to help him get better Sister Lewis urgently called my name. Sister Northrop was leaning on her shoulder, and I thought she was just leaning on her because she had a headache or something but she she was entirely unconscious and not responsive. Long story short, we got her to wake up a little, laid her on the ground, got some people to call for help and a ambulance came and loaded her onto a stretcher and she was taken to the Emergency Room. I met her there and we were there for a few hours (I totally thought of you while I was there Kim!), but all of the tests came back normal so we went back to the MTC.

She was totally fine from that point until Monday night, when she started throwing up. And after trying to go to class for a little while on Tuesday and having some Valentines Day fun she started throwing up again, so we went back to the health center and they decided to keep her so I spent most of the rest of the day with a pager (to let me know when to pick her up) instead of a companion. I felt very 90's cool. And now after a good amount of rest Northrop Shimai seems to be doing better - I think the passing out and stuff was just a culmination of a lot of stress and other things, and the doctors seem to have said the same thing so hopefully we should be good from here.

And don't worry, we've still been having a lot of fun! The Elders were especially hilarious on Valentines Day. Northrop Shimai's dad sent her the balloons that you use for making balloon animals, and they are like especially hard to blow up yourself  but the Elders wouldn't give up trying to make them inflate. It's probably a you had to be there type of thing, but it was so funny watching them die trying to blow up these balloons and not being able to get any air in. Stilson Choro was the first one to fill it up, and he made a yellow hat/crown that he wore proudly for the rest of the day. And Eckman Choro made a rhino that kept me company until Northrop Shimai came back. No one else succeeded at making anything, haha.

Ok, I'm out of time. But things are going well here! It's crazy that we're getting so close to being able to go to Japan!!

Love you all,
Sister Crofts

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