Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from the MTC!

My roommate Lewis Shimai was a genius and decided that we needed to do a photoshoot with some mustaches her mom sent her, and then send them out as Valentine's day cards! We had way too much fun with them. In the one with all of us we're signing "Happy V-day!" And then the rest we were just having fun.
 All of the Shimai (sisters) during our last service day before the Nihonjon (native Japanese Sisters) left! We get to wear classy goggles sometimes.
 Northrop Shimai with our Senpai the day before they left! So Sad! Cooper Shimai, left, is going to Sapporo! So we'll see her again soon. O'Rourke Shimai, in the middle, went to Tokyo. She is super cool and from Australia. We miss them lots already.
 The last night before the Nihonjin left! Also so very sad. They were so much fun to have on our floor, even if we didn't always communicate 100% super well. We had a cute candy exchange going on, and sang a song together in church. (All of the Shimai sang Come Thou Fount, because Andersen Shimai always sings it in the shower and they wanted to learn the English lyrics to it.) We've all decided to be Facebook friends in a year and a half. So it will happen. They were so cute and fun.
Apparently this huge hunk of rings of Japanese flashcards has been passed down for six generations of Senpai to Kohai, and our district was selected to inherit it! It is called the oracle, and you have to treat it with respect haha. There are lots of random vocabulary words and Kanji on it!

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