Friday, December 23, 2011

Sister Missionary Photos

Since I officially have less than a week before I report to my mission, the past little while has been filled with doing an assortment of tasks that still need to be done before I leave.

One of the fun things I still needed to do was have some missionary pictures taken of me. My mom always loves any excuse for pictures, but I think part of the reason she wanted me to have one taken was because she has always had such a fabulous one of her mom.


Doesn’t she look classy? My grandma served in the Central States Mission in the early 1930’s.

I can’t guarantee that mine will be quite as timeless, but Amber and I definitely had a great time taking pictures! We thought it would be fun to have Amber take mine with my camera, so I got all dressed yesterday up in one of my new mission outfits and we headed to the Rose Garden downtown. I even had some fun mission-related Japanese books on loan from a friend in the ward that I used for a cool touch. Naturally, I took a bunch of photos of Amber too.

Here are a few for you to enjoy!











Amber did such a wonderful job it was impossible to narrow these down! So if you want to see the rest because you have a lot of free time to kill, just click on the album right here.

Also, in case any of you were wondering, when I’m gone on my mission Amber will be posting all of my letters home on this blog because she’s awesome. So be sure to keep checking back here! I’m sure I have a few more posts left in me before I leave too.

*Christmas song of the day = Coldplay’s Christmas Lights. Bonus: the video includes London.


  1. AHH! I'm so excited for you. Less than a week to go then?

  2. Yep! I leave for Utah on Tuesday, and go into the MTC on Wednesday. It's crazy! But so exciting.



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