Thursday, August 4, 2011

Portland Summers are Cute and Delicious

From the “I should have posted about this forever ago” archives of my brain comes this entry about when I was still in Portland in May and hung out with the wonderful Leslie. 

I was home and she was in town, so it was necessary for us to have a reunion.  She was still in school at Portland State so I met her downtown during her lunch break in the Pearl at a new, adorable little place called Cloud Seven Café.  I actually found out about it on my lovely friend Rachel’s blog (thanks Rachel!!).  Much happiness ensued.


This was my beautiful food.  Probably the most delicious chicken salad sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.


Leslie’s food.  She had a pretty smoothie too.

See?  Cute and delicious.




Naturally we wandered around the area next to the café too. 

The moral of the story is that Portland rocks.  The end.

*song = Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine.

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